Local landscaping companies prepare to clear snow ahead of storm – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

MIAMI VALLEY — Snow plow companies are getting ready for a long night.

News Center 7’s Kayla McDermott talked to a landscaping company who says they are prepared for the snow storm heading towards the Miami Valley.

When you think of a landscaper you typically think of the summer and green yards—not the snow. At Bladecutter’s Landscaping they work all year round.

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“They’re not doing much landscaping in the winter time so it fits in their wheelhouse really well,” said John Scott, president of Bladecutter’s Landscaping.

A slow season for landscaping, but an opportunity to make some money by snow plowing.

“I’ve always called it pennies from heaven so it works out for us it’s a nice revenue stream that keeps us busy,” Scott said.

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The landscapers take care of the commercial areas you see around town in the winter, such as banks, schools, shopping centers and apartments. They are prepared for no matter how much snow we get.

“You may not know what your gonna get,” Scott said. “They may call it one inch we get three inches sometimes.”

There will be multiple crews and trucks out stocked up with salt.

“We have about 30 trucks and 10 loaders heading out,” Scott said. “We have lots of salt. We have lots of bags of ice melt for sidewalks.”

Scott has an additional 300 tons of salt coming in Tuesday to add to his current pile, and his workers will be out from 2 am to 2 pm laying it down on their routes.

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