Landscaping business topped the charts for September 2020

At the end of the year, Total Landscape Care compiled a list of the top 10 stories for each month of the year. Check out which stories were trending on our website in September 2020.

10. John Deere brings out updates for tractor loaders, utility vehicles and smartphone apps

Photo: John Deere

John Deere announced that the 210L and 210L EP tractor loaders are now available with factory grade grade control and grade display options that allow for faster, more accurate fine-tuning.

The company says the class technology options when combined with an updated box blade will result in increased productivity and efficiency in the completion of site preparation, road construction, and roads Landscaping Jobs, especially in tight spaces.

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9. Bobcat Company joins the lawn market with a new line of zero-turn mowers

Bobcat ZT3500 Zero Turn Lawn Mower for cutting residential lawns

Bobcat ZT3500
Photo: Bobcat Company

The Bobcat Company recently hosted a live launch event to debut its new line of Zero-turn mower: the residential models ZT2000 and ZT3000 as well as the commercial models ZT3500, ZS4000, ZT6000, ZT6100 and ZT7000.

With 21 machines, including ZT sit-on mowers (Zero Turn) and stand-on mowers (ZS) (Zero Turn), both commercial and private customers can benefit from these options.

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8th. Help clients transform lawns into outdoor living spaces

Outside terrace with dining table and benches

Homeowners want to update or create a space where they can spend more time outdoors. After all, not only did they pay for the house, but they also bought the lawn. So why not brush up on a little bit? Many developed courtyards include large terraces, pergolas, Fire pits, complete lounge sets and even kitchens.

Anyone can turn their lawn into a beautiful addition to their home with well-planned landscaping. Your work adds to the value and functionality of the home. But how can professionals recommend and support customers with more livable outdoor spaces?

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7. Green industry numbers look hopeful again after the impact of COVID-19

People looking up industry events on arrow chart

When COVID-19 returned in March, many companies were struggling to adapt to the latest way of working and implement different ways of interacting with customers.

For many small businesses and those in the retail industry, business began to suffer the longer the lockdown went on, but for the longer green industryReports from Jobber show that many landscapers across the country did well during the first few months of the severe pandemic.

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6. Get to know your candidates: what to and shouldn’t ask in an interview

two people discuss paperwork at a table

Photo: Pexels

Yesterday we covered some common setup mistakes Landscaping company tend to do as well as how you can conduct an effective interview.

Today, let’s take a look at questions to avoid asking candidates during the application and application process, as well as respondent preparation.

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5. Attitude how to: Conduct an effective interview

Job interview meeting handshake

The need for skilled and hardworking workers remains a topic of discussion for the green industry.

Selecting the right candidates for your landscaping company takes a lot of time, attention, and research. It is all the more important to know that you are conducting thorough and well-thought-out interviews.

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4. How to: Upgrade your equipment to generate new customer opportunities

Landscapers shaking hands behind the Bob-Cat zero-turn mower

A good dealer should feel like a strong business partner that you can rely on.
Photo: Bob-Cat

This year has been a challenge for many people. Our world has changed and with it the way we do business. These large landscaping projects are increasingly giving way to an abundance of smaller projects, and landscaping companies are finding new ways to diversify services.

While this may seem an easy task since small projects require less time and manpower, they can also require more specialized equipment. Concrete work, patios, gutter cleaning, lawn and garden maintenance, and drainage issues can all require equipment a business may not have on hand.

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3. Occupational Risks Landscape professionals should be aware of this

Referencing the exit sign

There are many dangers in the world that landscape professionals face every minute of the work day. From the moment they enter the workplace until it is time to go home, precautions must be taken.

Check out some of the most common Hazards in the workplace Landscapers could pose while working and know how to handle it.

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2. The world’s “new norm” and what it means for garden design

Orange and black butterflies land on lavender

Photo: Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash

2020 was an unprecedented year in which large swathes of the world’s population were forced to stay home to contain the spread of COVID-19. Since the lockdown, gardens, balconies and backyards have been a welcome escape from the confines of the home.

However, if we all adjust to what some call the “new norm,” this piece will examine the long-term impact of the global pandemic on the future of garden design and what homeowners might be looking for in design Outdoor spaces in the future.

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1. Five Reasons Your Landscaping Is Not Profitable

two people at a desk looking at diagrams and calculating a profitable business plan

Starting a landscaping business is a great way to show off your skills, spend more time in nature, and build amazing relationships with clients.

Learn properly Connect with your target audienceand you can make an amazing profit on landscaping gardens to suit your clients’ special needs and wants.

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