Is Donald Trump Going To The Alamo Total Landscaping?

NotComics: It was made clear that this Tuesday, Deselection of President Donald Trump will visit the city of Alamo, Texas – but not The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. One is a city, the other is a very famous building. It’s not entirely clear whether Donald Trump knew the difference. Or if this is another Four Seasons debacle where Trump’s team booked a press call to Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Georgia instead of the Four Seasons hotel down the street. And then saw Rudi Guliani Double up and still make the press call in the car park next to a sex toy store. So could Trump’s team have made the same mistake for the second time?

The Alamo has a special meaning for Americans. The Battle of the Alamo (1836) was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution. After a 13 day siege under Mexican troops General President Antonio López de Santa Anna recaptured the Alamo mission near San Antonio de Béxar and killed the Texan and immigrant occupiers. Most importantly, Santa Anna’s cruelty during the battle inspired many Texians, both legal Texan settlers and illegal immigrants from the United States, to join the Texas Army. Carried by the desire for revenge, the Texians defeated the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836 and ended the uprising. The phrase “Remember The Alamo” became a Texan recruitment call and has been used endlessly for all kinds of similar appeals ever since. And it even gained the more legendary and mythical status thanks to the Disney TV series Davy Crockett and John Wayne1960 film The Alamo.

Is Donald Trump going to Alamo Total Landscaping?Screencap: The Alamo

There are fears that Donald Trump is trying to reiterate that appeal here by portraying the Washington DC Capitol uprising in a similar fashion. Eventually defeated and kicked out of the building – and Trump himself from social media, possibly even the presidency itself, and all in his false claims that election fraud denied him a second term. Will he try to invite his supporters to “Remember The Alamo” again? Even if Donald Trump, it seems, seems to have forgotten which Alamo this refers to? Perhaps “Remember Which Alamo” is a better calling card?

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