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A regular request from our Countryside Nursery staff is to help customers improve their backyard privacy and create visual separation from neighbors. Where fences of wood, chain, panel or links once were enough to corral yard activity, now residents want to create backyard retreats that extend the functionality of their living spaces into the outdoors and create private retreats with cultivated views. Here are some ideas:

1. Hedge screen

The simplest solution is often a hedge screen, using one primary plant in mass to create a living wall. Arborvitae, Privet, Yews, and Junipers are popular choices that can provide a uniform evergreen screening throughout the year and, depending on the plant selection, can be grown in 2-8 foot wide spaces, thus not impacting the yard size significantly.

2. Vines

If space is at a premium and the yard already has the structure of wood or chain fencing, vines are a popular choice. Clematis, Climbing Hydrangea, and Boston Ivy are all great choices that twine or sucker to support structures and provide visual interest without requiring lots of ground space.

3. Layered screen

While the above solutions feature the use of one plant to create a simple screen, Countryside designers advocate the use of multiple types of plants to create a view that is seasonal and of varying heights and interest, with textures, flowers, shapes and colors. The result is a more layered look that provides depth of interest and variety. This requires more planting space but it is also a more secure financial investment for a homeowner, not counting on the success of just one plant as a long-term investment in privacy. This is also better for the local wildlife, as the diversity of plantings extends the food source and nesting options, which adds garden interest and functionality. Popular layered screen plantings include the previously mentioned plant choices and add in multi-stem trees like Eastern Redbud and Serviceberry; tall shrubs like Viburnum, Lilac, Ninebark, Rose of Sharon, Hydrangea, Willow, Dogwood, and Burning Bush; and perennial grasses and flowers that provide the seasonal interest and pops of color to create a unique backyard space for each homeowner.

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