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How to destroy cracked stone walls in Tower of Fantasy – kechambers

How to destroy cracked stone walls in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has finally arrived in the West, and players are diving into the futuristic open-world MMORPG en masse. However, they’re sure to encounter more than their fair share of obstacles as they explore the world.

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One such obstacle in Tower of Fantasy is cracked stone walls, sometimes referred to as Sanctuary Rocks. Once broken, these walls can occasionally lead to many treasures, which makes them worth breaking.

However, players won’t be removing these cracked walls with their ordinary weapons. They’ll need help from a particular relic obtained through the game’s story.

Destroying Tower of Fantasy rock walls with Missile Barrage

The Missile Barrage prompt in Tower of Fantasy (Image via Perfect World)

Once players have obtained their Missile Barrage, they simply need to search for cracked rock walls. When the wall is encountered, all players need to do is aim the relic and activate it with whatever button or keybind they are using (F is the standard keybind in many circumstances).

The missiles should fly out and impact the wall at multiple points, shattering it and allowing players to uncover what the wall was protecting. In addition to shattering cracked walls, Missile Barrages are quite helpful when taking on opponents. The missiles fired are numerous and deal solid damage, especially when many missiles make contact with their target.

Furthermore, sequential upgrades increase the missile damage, as well as the duration for which missiles are fired. At the five-star upgrade, more missiles are fired from the launcher, making Missile Barrage a deadly relic to keep on hand.

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Considering that players can get a free Missile Barrage from Ruin A01, it’s also a great relic for beginners. The ruin is far from difficult, and progressing along the game’s storyline should allow players to become strong enough to tackle any and all challenges they might see inside the ruins. Furthermore, having Missile Barrage available during the run can make things even simpler.

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