Homeowner faces ‘artificial turf war’ with HOA

PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. (KTVK/Gray News) – A homeowner in Arizona installed artificial grass to her front and back yards in an effort to cut down on her water bill.

“I’m trying to save water. We are in a drought situation in Arizona,” homeowner Sherry Lund told KTVK. “We are saving $1,100 a month in water bills, my house alone.”

Lund has lived in her home for nearly 15 years. What she thought was a good idea has quickly turned into a turf war with her homeowners association.

“He said we are an elite community, and we don’t want artificial turf,” Lund said.

Arizona Artificial Lawns Director Eric Nitschke said the company has seen an increase in customers installing artificial grass over the last year for water conservation.

“I believe it should be up to each residential person,” Nitschke said.

Lund’s battle has caught the eye of state lawmakers. Republican Rep. John Kavanagh proposed a bill that would stop HOAs from banning artificial grass.

“One of the people that tested in our committee said if a home has grass, 90% of their water usage is for watering the grass, so it is a tremendous draw on a limited and decreasing water supply,” Kavanagh said.

The bill has passed through the committee and now heads to the full House for a vote.

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