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Green Meadows Landscaping owners turn lifelong love of landscaping into family business – kechambers

Green Meadows Landscaping owners turn lifelong love of landscaping into family business

Jeff and Kronda Thimesch started Green Meadows Landscaping in 1989 in Lewisville, but their journey in the landscaping business started well before that.

The couple met at Texas Tech University when they were both pursuing degrees in landscape architecture. Jeff graduated and started the business, and when Kronda graduated they got married and “became partners in the company, obviously,” Jeff said.

Green Meadows Landscaping is a landscape design and maintenance company, offering design for gardens, water features, patios, fire pits and more.

Kronda said Green Meadows Landscaping started long before the two met.

For both Jeff and Kronda, their journey in the landscaping industry began when they were just kids.

“I think we both had it in our blood,” Kronda said.

Kronda has always worked for landscaping and gardening companies, and she can remember mowing the lawn with her dad from a young age.

Jeff started a small lawn mowing business when he was 14 years old in Carrollton. Thanks to his dad, Jeff was able to keep his lawn mowing business active as he was pursuing his degree, he said.

Luckily for the couple, customers from the lawn mowing business gave them a base clientele to start Green Meadows Landscaping.

“When Jeff graduated, he—unlike most—had a bit of a nest egg because he already had customers,” Kronda said. While the couple both have a clear love for landscaping, their own personal tastes are different, they said.

“There’s different plants that she likes that are a little bit more on the natural side, and I’m more structural,” Jeff said. “I like plants like holly that are nicely shaped.”

To keep this from being an issue in their own landscaped home, they came up with a perfect solution: Jeff landscapes the front of their home and Kronda is in charge of the back. They used this system consistently.

“That’s where our own personal tastes really shine through,” Jeff said. “We definitely have very different opinions.”

Even with this difference in taste, the couple explained they compliment each other in the business. Where Jeff has weaknesses, Kronda has her strengths and vice versa.

“We really have a place where we speak to our strengths,” Kronda said. “The other one is willing to say, ‘If this is your area and you know it better, I’m willing to concede,’ and we can find that middle ground.”

Landscaping services Green Meadows Landscaping provides services for:



fire pits


Grass and artificial turf landscapes

patio barbecue


stone borders

walkways and paths

water features

Green Meadows Landscaping

724 Holford’s Prairie Road, Lewisville


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 am-4:30 pm Sat.-Sun. closed

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