Flores Artscape uses drought resistant landscaping to help cut back on water usage by 90%

Amid the ongoing water crisis, Southern California residents are making the change to more drought resistant landscaping.

Rumaldo Flores’ company, Flores Artscape, is one of several lanscapers using drought tolerant plants such as mulch, succulents and AstroTurf to turn backyards from big water wasters into aesthetic and chic water wise living spaces.

“We eliminate all the gushing water sprinklers, and we use a drip system. And that cuts down water usage by 90%,” said Flores.

Brad Orfall and his wife had their front and back yards renovated this summer by Flores Artscape and he says he’s already seen the price drop in what used to be his nearly $400 monthly water bill.

“Our water bill when we moved in was very low cause there was no landscaping to speak of, but now once everything is set, our last water bill was $52,” said Orfall.

Brad significantly cut down on his water bill while also making his yard easier to take care of.

“I love the low maintenance aspect – that we don’t have to look at things growing out of place, we don’t have to worry about mowing lawns,” commented Orfall.

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