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EPS Landscaping & Tree Care Service LLC Is Offering Lawn Care Services In South Florida

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is providing landscaping, tree care, and lawn care services to Broward County residents and businesses. The company is inviting clients into its service area to find out more about its expertise and why it is the most trustworthy lawn care company to hire for all South Florida lawn care needs.

Perfect lawns that increase curb appeal for residential properties and project an air of quality for commercial establishments are only achieved through consistent efforts. Lawn care experts are required to be well versed with the local weather conditions, have a deep understanding of the types of grass that grow in the region, and have the high-quality tools to achieve and maintain the look at an affordable cost to the client .

Grass cutting is the first major challenge as an unkempt lawn can not only be an unsightly affair but can also harbor insects and small animals that can wreak havoc on the property. It is also one of the tasks that homeowners usually avoid as it takes time, manual effort, and the right toolset to do correctly. The edges of the lawn also have to be trimmed expertly to give the property a defined border and complement the aesthetic of the freshly cut grass.

Overgrown grass can always be trimmed but many properties also need some extra care to fill in the empty areas. Lawn fertilization promotes grass growth in barren areas to give the entire property a consistent and thick cover of soft grass that is a joy to walk on barefoot. This requires careful application of the right kind of fertilizer in the right amount and at the right time. Reseeding can also help as it ensures there are no large, thin, and brown patches of dirt that ruin the look of the property.

Finally, property owners also have to consider investing resources in tasks such as lawn fungus treatment, weed control, and pest control. While the invasion of unwanted foreign plants, insects, or fungal species can make the lawn look unappealing, they can also turn the safe and inviting premises into a health hazard. Mosquitos and ticks are especially problematic in South Florida’s tropical climate as the former carry viruses such as malaria and yellow fever while the latter can cause allergic reactions in humans and be a huge nuisance for pets.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC’s lawn care services include mowing, maintenance, fertilization, lawn pest control, and weed control. The family-owned and operated business, which also offers the best tree trimming service in Pembroke Pines, has been serving the local Broward County community for more than 20 years. The company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback for its work quality and reliability. Visiting its Google My Business listing reveals a perfect score of 5.0 out of 5.0 from 14 reviews which makes it evident that the company is doing a lot of things right that are resonating with the local homeowners and commercial property owners it serves.

One of the most recent reviews of the Pembroke Pines lawn care company says, “I used this business and I’m very pleased with their services. From the staff, customer service, and owner everyone was professional and understanding of my wants and needs. I couldn’t recommend this company enough. They did an excellent job at an affordable price. I will definitely be using them for landscaping services in the future.”

Apart from being a full-service lawn care company, EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC also provides a range of other services such as residential landscaping, commercial landscaping, landscape design and maintenance, hardscaping, retainer walls, sod installation, pool scaping, tree services , tree planting, tree relocation, tree pruning, palm tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, emergency tree removal, and sprinkler system installation and repair.

Broward County, Miami Dade County, and South Palm Beach residents can call EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC at (954) 980-9003 or write to it at [email protected] to request a free quote.


For more information about EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, contact the company here:

EPS Landscaping & Tree Services LLC
Greg O’Connell
(954) 980-9003
[email protected]
EPS Landscaping & Tree Service
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

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