Eden Projects Offers Novel Approach To Landscaping Industry

Danée Lambourne’s blueprint for the harmony between client and building contractor literally and figuratively creates calm landscapes

VICTORIA – – Danée Lambourne is intended to be a catalyst for changing how people view the landscaping industry.

Danée Lambourne holds a BA in Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Camosun College and a Certificate in Horticultural Technology and Design from the Horticulture Center of the Pacific

It started in 2005 Inventing Eden. The predominantly female team focused on therapeutic and restorative garden projects, growing edible and medicinal plants, applying sustainable land practices, and much more. A five year hiatus after a severe ski injury in 2012 gave Danée the opportunity to delve into project management and work with both web and branding agencies during her recovery. When she returned to landscaping, Danée had a vision for something different.

In 2019 Danée founded Eden projects next to their original flagship.

Danée explains: “When you discontinue Eden projects, customers quickly learn that they are working with professionals who are in their shoes. I work with contractors at the beginning of the bidding process to ensure the integrity of the design and the quality of the materials used. We are on site with the contractors as project managers, designers and foremen in order not to impose, but to advocate the success of everyone. “

Eden Projects not only works as an installer, but is also in the service of a management or placement company.

Eden Projects creates eye-catching, functional outdoor spaces, often made from medicinal, sustainable and even edible plants, designed to improve the customer’s quality of life

“A project begins with us on the customer side and is advertised under our guidance,” explains Danée. “That’s where contractors work with us to advocate, translate and document changes and progress so they can focus on the job. This process creates trust and camaraderie between our team, contractors and customers. “

This novel approach enables Eden Projects to do what it does best. Create stunning outdoor spaces that improve the quality of life for their owners. The way there is uniquely painless for everyone involved. It’s a blueprint that Danée hopes will pique the interest of both industry professionals and potential customers.

“I see what we do as a kind of product,” notes Danée.

Eden Projects is in fact a product that changes the landscape in several ways.


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