Dave Aronberg: Trump Made ‘Four Seasons Total Landscaping’ Version of Ukraine Call

The President’s bomb shot Donald Trump The Georgia Republican Secretary of State’s request to “find” the number of votes he would need to win the Peach State (but not the 2020 election) was the “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” version of the Ukrainian phone call, which led to the impeachment of The 45th President, the Palm Beach County attorney, said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday morning.

According to co-panelists Neal Katyal and Joyce White Vance both reported an investigation into the president’s hour-long phone call Brad Raffensperger legitimate investigation, prosecutor Dave Aronberg agreed that there is a “clear predicate for initiating a criminal investigation” at both state and federal levels. Such studies have already been requested. But Aronberg, like others, warned that demonstrating the president’s state of mind and intent would be a significant barrier to prosecuting a potential criminal case.

Aronberg said a “prosecutor could actually prosecute” but said that “whether a prosecutor would do so is a different matter since the president’s intent is ambiguous and intent is an essential element here”.

In fact, his best defense is that he can say that he really believes these lies. He believes in this massive conspiracy that stole his votes and that is why he spoke to the foreign minister about finding lost votes, ”he said. “The problem though, as Neal [Katyal] said is that he didn’t ask Raffensperger to find the votes. He asked him to find a certain number of votes. To be precise, 11,780 votes, that’s just one more than it took him to beat Biden’s victory in Georgia. “

Aronberg noticed that from here the former attorney general Bill Barr, Trump’s former “election security chief” Chris Krebs and that “every judge who has heard these claims [of widespread, election altering fraud], including those [Trump] appointed, rejected, immediately exposed. “

The prosecutor followed up with an excavation Rudy Giuliani and the infamous Trump campaign press conference in early November at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Pennsylvania, which compared that spectacle to the Trump call on Saturday and Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian President on July 25, 2019 Volodymyr Zelensky.

“So in the end, yeah, I think that was less than a perfect phone call. I like to refer to it as the Four Seasons Total Landscaping version of the appeal to Ukrainian President Zelensky, except that it was all taped here, ”he said.

Trump, of course, said the Zelensky call was a “perfect call,” but it resulted in his impeachment. A lot of people say … that the call in Ukraine was very similar to Trump’s over the weekend.

Carl BernsteinFor one thing, the last call said “worse than Watergate”.

[Image via MSNBC screengrab]

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