Colorado prairie dog protection group wins battle against Walgreens landscaping project

The Town of Parker has issued a cease and desist at the site of a landscaping project at a Parker Walgreens following community outrage regarding injured prairie dogs.

Prairie Dog Protection Colorado, an animal activist group, spearheaded efforts to put a stop to the landscaping project that was allegedly blocking prairie dog burrows with rocks and inadvertently injuring the rodents.

“Upon review from the Town Community Development Department and a site visit from Parker Police Department Community Services staff, work at the location was stopped. The town issued a notice of violation of Parker Municipal Code to the property owner on Aug. 25, 2022. As cited in the notice, work violated both the Town’s Land Development Ordinance and prairie dog management ordinances,” town officials said in a statement to KDVR.

The town is giving the owner until September 1 to apply for a project amendment.

According to a Facebook post from Prairie Dog Protection Colorado, the Walgreens owner has offered a potential solution.

“Walgreens has agreed to relocate the prairie dogs using a team of committed and non-lethal relocation specialists that work with our organization. You all made this happen. The landscaping team will be going out tomorrow to remove rocks from the burrows,” the post said.

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