Changing landscaping for a changing climate

What removing grass means for Nevada, why you should care about campaign finance and more from IndyFest 2022.

This week host Jacob Solis talks with scientists at the Desert Research Institute about how changing landscaping and moving away from grass will save Southern Nevada water, but what else will it do? After that, host Joey Lovato joins Jacob, reporter Sean Golonka and The Nevada Independent’s CEO, Jon Ralston, to talk about campaign finance. Wait! Don’t turn off the episode just yet. We want to convince you that money matters — and something you should pay attention to during elections. At the end of the show, we have more snippets from panel discussions at IndyFest 2022.


Joey Lovato – @Joey_Lovato_

Jacob Solis – @jacobsolisnv

0:10 – Grass in Nevada

Rubab Saher – @DRIScience

13:50 – Campaign finance

Jon Ralston – @RalstonReports

Sean Golonka – @s_golonka

20:00 – IndyFest 2022 Pt.2

Ben Nguyen – @ben_nguyenever

Major Garrett – @MajorCBS

David Becker – @beckerdavidj

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