Brooks Landscaping Inc. Works to Spruce up the Region: Giving You the Business – Erie News Now

He even kept the color scheme.

“The brown and tan trucks, that’s a big part of our business,” said Brooks. “We paint all of our trucks brown and tan.”

This year round business changes course with the seasons and with the times.

“These trees we would have never dug with an auger 40, 30 years ago. It was all by hand,” said Brooks. “So, to keep pace, to keep current to be competitive, we switched to a lot of equipment.”

The company employs about a dozen people, which allows the family run company to take on various jobs in the area.

Including some recognizable work.

The old Bush Industries. We were on the ground floor of that. We actually did the original landscaping and installation up there and when it changed hands to the Lord Corporation we were able to stay on,” said Brooks. “We’ve had that account for almost 25 to 30 years along the Bayfront for the Port Authority we put in many of those projects years ago, Liberty Park, the Park and Ride, the Cruise Boat Terminal again 25, 26 years later we are still maintaining that.”

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