BrightView Holdings, Inc. – 10 HOA Commercial Landscaping Tips

Homeowner association board members and property managers face multiple challenges when trying to oversee commercial landscaping projects and property maintenance.

Ultimately you have the responsibility for retaining the value of the HOA’s property, sourcing for and managing vendors, keeping costs in line with the budget, and keeping your homeowners/clients happy.

Yours is not an easy job. BrightView has 10 recommendations that will make your life easier.

One stop shop

Find a commercial landscaping partner that can streamline processes and contracts by bundling multiple services into one service provider. This will significantly reduce your time with less paperwork, fewer contracts to negotiate and manage, fewer invoices to process, and fewer vendors to manage.

Here are the most important commercial landscape services to consider bundling: Landscape Design, Shrub and Plant Care Management, Seasonal Color Management, Water Management, Tree Care, Snow Removal, Parking Lot Maintenance


The better your team understands the nuances of your property the more beauty they can draw from it. Partner with an organization that employs local teams as they will have a better understanding of local weather conditions and the horticultural environment.

Your landscaping partner should advise on local trends/developments such as material shortages, diseases/insect issues, local ordinances as well as opportunities for operational savings and landscaping enhancements that drive property values.

Consistent management and employee development

Commercial landscaping relies on the quality of the supervision & crews dispatched to clients and properties. In an inherently transient industry, the quality of service is dependent on hiring and employee development practices.

Effective employee development processes minimize crew turnover and reduce the time to train new personnel, resulting in fewer resident complaints due to inconsistencies.

At BrightView Landscape Services our employees have the ability to build professional careers through the BrightPath Landscape Development Program. Participants receive training and coaching with recognition and rewards for new skills learned. This helps us retain quality employees.

Use Qualified Experts to Reduce Risk

Partner with a commercial landscape team who has qualified experts with the appropriate training and experience for the services you need to be performed. The lack of experience or training could cost you significantly in the destruction of property or the loss of plantings and trees (one of your most expensive and valuable assets).

When choosing a partner check for credentials and experience in the following areas: Horticulturist, Certified Arborists, Pesticide specialists for plantings, trees, and ground cover, Certified Irrigation Technicians, Certified Snow Professionals

Get the job done right first time

Stop the frustration! With the job done right first, you can focus on the other thousand tasks demanding your attention. When choosing a commercial landscaping partner consider the following: Ensure employees are well trained and have necessary certifications

Review safety procedures and standards

Conduct a joint assessment of the property to develop quality and performance benchmarks

Use the following BrightView standards as a benchmark: Training and Certifications

Formal training and certification through the BrightPath Landscape Development Program


Well-documented environment, health, and safety (EH&S) protocols. Our best-in-class Safety Management System is committed to continuous improvement and has resulted in injuries below the national average.

quality and performance

BrightView performs a Quality Site Assessment to capture your objectives and measure our success against your standards.

BrightView is relentless in its pursuit of excellence. Our team members participate in quality standards and continuous improvement training to ensure the service you receive is impeccable and efficient. Our service teams regularly check your property to ensure work is being done properly and proactively identify issues that may need to be resolved.

About BrightView Landscaping Services

Property management means balancing the visual appeal of your property against the cost of sustaining and protecting your investment. Our partnership ensures your landscape needs are covered from landscape maintenance, fertilization, water management, weed and pest management, tree care, snow removal, storm preparedness, and response.

BrightView partnerships have provided high-quality, cost-effective, and consistent commercial landscape services since 1939.


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