Backyard Eats: Trusted Edible Landscaping Installation and Design Services in Philadelphia, PA

Chris Mattingly, the founder of Backyard Eats, has come a long way since his pizza and hoagie days before creating the company. Today, he’s not only an advocate for composting and growing plants, but he’s also an avid salad eater. This personal transformation occurred after an early client requested that Chris grow enough greens in her garden to eat a salad daily.

This experience highlighted the transformative power of growing food for Chris, not only for his own life but for his employees and clients who make up Backyard Eats. He began researching the best techniques for growing greens, experimented with various types of perennial vegetables, and soon discovered how much joy he got from having access to homegrown greens daily.

At Backyard Eats in Philadelphia, PA, this team works with individuals and families to create custom edible landscaping designs tailored to their needs so they can enjoy fresh produce directly from their backyards or outdoor spaces.

They provide expertise in soil preparation, composting, insect control methods, and more to provide the best professional raised garden bed installation services in Philadelphia, PA.

From edible landscaping installation and maintenance services, Chris and his team help their clients at every stage. And for those who don’t have time to grow their plants, Backyard Eats offers a variety of nutritious greens that are carefully selected and delivered right to their customers’ doors.

Backyard Eats will offer an extensive gardening service for its 80+ clients in 2022. Customers will receive a planting plan throughout the season with plants and perennial vegetables to plant and plant support rentals, labels, and weekly edible landscaping maintenance.

Customers can sit back and enjoy their harvest or join the friendly and enthusiastic maintenance team to gain valuable knowledge on locally grown produce. The team is committed to providing its clients with a great harvest and a diverse learning experience they can take away into future gardening seasons.

Their team of expert gardeners and designers provides a hassle-free and drama-free service so clients can enjoy designing their dream garden. They specialize in high-yield designs that are both elegant and functional.

If you are interested in growing your edible garden in Philadelphia, PA, visit the Backyard Eats website at: Don’t hesitate to reach out to their friendly team anytime!

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About Backyard Eats

We are a full service residential food gardening business. We exist to share the magic of homegrown food. Our clients are interested in building their health through nutrition and fitness, holistic wellbeing, building resilience and self-sufficiency in the face of growing uncertainty, and strengthening their ties to their community and family. Focused mainly on residential clients, although we have experience with school and community gardens.

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