Artificial Grass Flip Flops Are Now A Thing

[Image Source: KUSA]

KUSA is a small family company based on the Central New South Wales Coast, Australia. They launched the grass flip flops in 2011 and have seen international success with their novelty eco shoes.

The artificial grass material is made from a material called Syn-Turf. According to the website, the grass may flatten over time and may need to be fluffed up occasionally.

KUSA flip flops certainly provide the wearer with some clear advantages over normal thong sandals. If you decide to take the plunge and get them, look forward to harnessing the great outdoors without having to actually go anywhere. Also you could easily become the new fun, approachable person with whom everyone wants to talk. So, you will just feel that carefree, easy going sensation every time you slip them onto your feet. Lastly, you will show your dedication to the concept of novelty and living a fun life.

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