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Always Sunny Season 15 May Feature New Philly Landmark Four Seasons Total Landscaping – kechambers

Always Sunny Season 15 May Feature New Philly Landmark Four Seasons Total Landscaping

They say reality is stranger than fiction. Fortunately, while there is definitely some truth to this old adage, reality isn’t often stranger than FX’s long-running classic comedy it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

In 14, soon 15 seasons, the co-dependent Paddy’s Pub gang has engaged in some really outrageous behavior. From staging an entire musical to a potential child molestation incident to thoroughly destroying poor Rickety Cricket’s life, Dennis, Mac, Charlie, Dee and Frank usually stand alone when it comes to the madness in Philadelphia.

But of course that was all before the miracle of Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Just in case you missed it (which you almost certainly didn’t) when President Trump’s legal team launched a doomed campaign in early November to reverse the election results, his personal attorney (and breakout star of) Borat Subsequent movie film) Rudy Giuliani decided to hold a press conference. Reporters were invited to the Four Seasons … not to the hotel, mind you, but to the landscaping company in northeast Philadelphia, right next to a sex shop.

Rudy Giuliani, who accidentally booked Four Seasons Total Landscaping for a press conference instead of the Four Seasons Hotel, is perhaps the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

– Hamish Mitchell (@H_MitchellPhoto) November 8, 2020

The event was so strikingly bizarre that the internet started to crash everything right away. Did you want to book the hotel? If not why did they roll with it? Most importantly, where can I get Four Seasons Total Landscaping Merch? However, one of the more consistent observations from internet commentators has been how much this doomed press conference felt like an episode of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

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