Agreement between town, state and National Grid preserves stone walls in Queensbury | Local

Strough was enthusiastic, and not just because a joint project will be cheaper.

“These stone walls have to be preserved,” he said. “It is very characteristic of this area. You will see them in people’s backyards, in the side courtyards. They are all over. It’s part of the Ridge Road experience. “

And it’s not easy to replicate today.

“Even on new builds, they hire stonemasons to create them so they stay in character with their neighbors, and they pay quite a bit,” Strough said. “The craftsmanship that has gone into them is amazing.”

The area was rural until the 1960s, with many large farms, he said.

The aqueduct was installed after World War II using the metal available at the time, which wasn’t the best, Strough said.

“We believe these metals are good for breaking,” he said. “The water line is failing and we want to replace it because it keeps failing.”

National Grid later installed a gas pipeline above the city’s aqueduct. It was made of steel. But National Grid now prefers plastic for these pipes, and the company told Strough that the original steel pipe will need to be replaced.

Now the state will manage it as a project.

“It’s a lot more efficient and should save you money,” said Strough.

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