5 Tips For Landscaping Your Long And Narrow Garden

Garden furniture is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to pulling together the perfect outdoor space. Your furniture can make or break the space, and when considering the spatial needs of a slender yard, these additions are particularly important. Many homeowners utilize wooden deck furniture, but for a slim garden area, you might consider an iron bench that mirrors the aesthetic of the urban parks that likely surround your property.

Similarly, the use of mirrors in the outdoor space can create a massively impactful change to the aesthetic of the feature. Successful Garden Design reports that mirrors are particularly helpful for homeowners who have small gardens, but they must be used in coordination with true decorative features to complete the illusion that a mirror naturally creates.

Mirrors make spaces look bigger and more complex. But if the mirror is placed on its own in a corner or isn’t complemented well by the inclusion of plants and other additions to round out the look and feel of the space, it can fall flat in its purpose of elevating the lawn. A mirror on its own is simply that: A mirror. But when paired with high-quality furniture and a depth of plant life, it can transform the way your garden feels.

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