11 agendas to be tabled at Chandigarh MC finance panel meeting, focus mainly on landscaping

To beautify the city, the Chandigarh municipal corporation is now focusing on landscaping in various areas.

Of the 11 developmental agendas which will be tabled at the MC’s finance and contract committee meeting on October 27, nine are related to landscaping. The other two agendas include a celebration of the chrysanthemum show and confirmation of minutes of the previous meeting.

The proposals includes repair and replacement of the fountain, floor tiles, and electrical features of the zig zag and oval-shaped fountains at the Rose Garden in Sector 16 at a cost of 50 lakhs.

The panel will also take up the proposal for re-laying of concrete and paver tracks at green belts in Sector 42 and fragrance garden in Sector 36 for 38.56 lakhs.

The panel will also take up development of parks in Sectors 15, 16 and 24, including fixing sprinklers and benches and laying water pipelines at a cost of 46.67 lakhs.

The other agendas include renovation of two parks in Dadumajra for 11.83 lakhs; fixing benches at community centers for 22.43 lakhs; constructing concrete walking track for 10.78 lakh at Sector 45; landscaping work at Muslim graveyard in Sector 25 for 1.79 lakhs; fixing benches at community centers under the horticulture division for 25.99 lakh and construction of toe walls and constructing concrete walking tracks at various parks in Sectors 2,3,4,5 for about 46.29 lakhs.

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